San Juan Island

Still Catching up… My mom came a week after Kaitlyn was born .  She is an angel!  The rest of my family joined us a week later and on June 19th we took a ferry to San Juan Island.  We had a wonderful relaxing day enjoying the ocean.         This beach is gorgeous!  Wes and I […]

Imaginary Baseball

 Last night  Wes had a softball game.  He did great!  He had his best hit of the season.  He smacked it over their heads and got on third.  He plays in left field and doesn’t miss a play.  Wes you’re AWESOME! The kids got creative and went on a vacant field and played baseball. =) They pitched to […]

8 miles/3 kids/8 hours

 Wes and I have a habit of going on long crazy adventures. Recently (6/30/07), we headed out on a 8 mile hike called Lake Serene.  We convinced our friends, Jessica and Braydan, to go with us.  They have a 4 month old baby.  On the way up, we passed a man who was talking on his cell […]


Well, we survived our  first round of T-ball.  It was absolutely hilarious to go to his games because you either had kids staring off in to la la land or running for every ball that is hit no matter where it is on the field and then it becomes mob ball.  Jacob did a great job […]

Finally 3!

Hannah has claimed that she was 3 ever since she was 2.  Yeah!  Now she has finally arrived to the wonderful age of 3. I decorated the house with streamers and balloons before she woke up.  She was SO excited about her “pink birthday”.  She told us for weeks that she wanted a pink birthday party.  We had a […]

Happy Birthday Mom!

As usual my mom has encouraged, begged and pleaded for some more pictures of her grandbabies.  And since it is her birthday tomorrow,  I feel absolutely obligated to fulfill her only birthday wish from me.  But before I do, I just want you all to know that I have the greatest mom!  I admire her […]