Bon Appetit

 The movies Ratatouille and No Reservations (both fabulous movies) really inspired Wes.  After both movies he said that makes me want to have really good food.   And so he bought a cookbook, “Rays Boathouse”.  And has made the yummiest food, definitely gourmet.  Mmmm…. I am spoiled.  He is the greatest hubby! Wes had a month off of work for paternity leave.  He was […]

Wooden Castle

We had the BEST time yesterday.  We took a ferry to Whidby Island, ate at a delicious pizzeria, played in a wooden castle, and had ice cream.  As Hannah put it, “We did so many things this day”.  I love our family adventures! Playing in the wooden castle was our favorite.  We played hide-and-seek.  When Wes was hiding Hannah hollered […]


  So, you may be wondering, “why are you worried about catching up?  It’s not like we need to know everything you are doing.”   So true. I started blogging because it was a fast and easy way to share pictures with friends and family without sending HUGE emails that took half a day to download.  Now, it […]


We got back from beautiful Maui on Monday.  It was awesome!  When we stepped off the plane you could smell the tropical ocean goodness.  It is the best trip for your skin.  The humidity combined with exfoliating with the beautiful  beach sands every day do wonders. We went to Hawaii with Wes’s family.  It was fabulous!  […]