Mob Ball and Preschool

Tuesdays are our busiest funnest days of the week.  We start it off going to the YMCA were I take a kick boxing class that I absolutely LOVE!!  It is an amazing workout and I leave totally exhausted.  It is fabulous! Then we go straight to preschool.  It is a co-op home school group.  So, there are kids […]

I’m Trying Too

So, I have debated for a while about sharing this story because it is definitely NOT one of our best moments.  But here it goes… A couple weeks ago, Wes had young men’s activity and so I was left to put the kids to bed myself.  That day had been a long tiring day with the kids.  […]

Pink Princess

To no one’s surprise, Hannah is going to be a pink princess for Halloween. Her costume came in the mail today she was SO excited! The big question is what should Wes and I be? Any good ideas for a couple costume that is also cheap?

Good Night Sweetheart

I almost always have fun putting the kids to bed.  We sit and talk about our day, laugh, sing songs, and read books.  I get to hear the funniest stories and thoughts from my kids.  Sometimes I have to try so hard not to bust up laughing and sometimes we both laugh.  Tonight, Hannah asked […]

Baby Kate is growing up, too fast…

Little Kate loves her tummy and is content to hang out and play on the floor with the kids and me.  We have a fabulous time!   I am so excited for her!!  She rolled over this week!!!  Yeah, Kaitlyn! She is so much fun to play with.  Yesterday, she squealed and giggled as I kissed her cute chubby little cheeks. I had the best time […]

"Does you think I’m cute?"

  Hannah asked me the other day, “Does you think I’m cute?” You are so stinking cute! This is how she gets ready to go somewhere. Babies, purse, keys, phone, glasses and of course her fabulous pink high heals.  We took an all girls trip to run errands the other day.  When we were getting out […]

"Look I’m a Knight"

When Jacob gets into something he is totally into it.  He wants to read about it, play it, dress up as it, and draw it.  He is loves learning about knights these days. He has a knight book from the library that tells you all about “how to be a knight”.  We have had it for […]

Meet Gloria

This is Gloria. She is our wonderful neighbor.  She is the most active 65 year old woman I have ever known. She is amazing.  She is always busy in her yard. Planting, weeding, building, staining, and who knows what else.  She is a wonderful friend and adopted grandma.  She comes out and gives the kids snacks […]