Do you want to watch my Tricks?

Hannah has become quite the tricky little girl!  She will ask me throughout the day “Do you want to see my new trick?”  Then in the evenings she has started putting on little dances that she makes up.  I totally love it!  So here are a couple videos of her tricks and dancing.   Advertisements

Laundry Issues

Okay, I have MAJOR laundry issues.  It is ridiculous!  I just really don’t like doing laundry.  My way of ironing is to hang it up in the closet and hope that the wrinkles will fall out (obviously my laundry can come out pretty wrinkly at times).  If that doesn’t work then I throw it in […]

We’re LOST!

We had an awesome time at the pumpkin patch on Saturday as a family.  We did the corn maze.  It was a first for Wes and the kids.  It was super muddy!!  We were slipping and sliding all over the place.  We came out with our shoes caked in mud.  Jacob and Hannah were hilarious.  […]


Jacob is LOVING soccer now! Yes! Today when we got to practice he just ran over to his team without me.  I am happy that he is feeling more confident.  Today at practice he scored 3 goals when they “scrimmaged” and last week 4!  I really don’t care about how many goals he gets but […]

We’ve got a squealer

Our sweet Kaitlyn is growing up.  She has really started to squeal and giggle a lot!!  One of my favorite things to do during the day is to try to get her to laugh and smile.  Last week (so right at 4 months) she started to inch around! She can pull herself around in circles […]

Building testimonies and Castles

I love Conference weekend! The talks were so powerful and really inspired me to reevaluate my life and be a better wife and mother.  I loved Sister Beck’s talk on “Mothers Who Know.”  It was just what I needed to hear.  We really do have a significant role.  I understand, now more than ever, the […]

Singing Siamangs

We had a great time at the zoo on Friday.  Our favorite animals were the Siamang monkeys.  They are SO funny.  They have a pouch in their throat that can be inflated to the size of its head!  Then they make the loudest funniest monkey noises I have ever heard.  The sign said they were […]

Tired and Lonely

While the rest of you are enjoying your sleep I am up trying to kill time before my sweet hubby comes home.  He has been out of town since Wednesday.  We ALL miss him.  I can not even count the number of times the kids have asked “When is Daddy coming home?”  Jacob was so disappointed […]