What does she think she is doing!?!

When Kaitlyn sticks her bum up in the air it makes me laugh.  What a silly little girl!! What does she think she is doing!?! Hannah is thrilled and will exclaim, “Look! Kaitlyn does scary tricks!” Sometimes she puts her head down on the ground and rocks with her bum high in the air.  It […]

A week of THANKS

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This was my first Thanksgiving without family.  Fortunately, we have wonderful friends who came over and shared Thanksgiving with us =). And it was our first time making Thanksgiving dinner completely on our own.  I had a lot of fun preparing and cooking the days before Thanksgiving.  […]


I asked Jacob what he was thankful for.  This is his list: Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  Knights because they protect us from bad guys walking down the street.  My family.  My backyard because puppies can’t scratch me back there =).  Cleaning my house (I will be reminding him of that later ;)).  Lawn mowers […]

We like a CHUTHER!

It was my turn to teach preschool today.  It was a blast!!  We made Pilgrim and Indian hats, painted their hands to make Turkeys, played “Duck, Duck, Turkey”, and made scones for our “Feast”.  Hey, it is about as much as my kids eat at one sitting =). After everyone left Jacob insisted that he […]

Growing Up

This week has been pretty challenging for me so instead of focusing on why, I would rather focus on making the next week better.  Yes the kids were more challenging and yes they seemed to be yelling at me more frequently throughout the week, but when I sat and I thought about my raunchy days […]

Happy Birthday Wes!!

Yesterday was Wes’ 28th birthday so, I just wanted to take a moment/post to say what a wonderful hubby I have.  I could not ask for a better husband he truly is my best friend!  He is my favorite person to talk to.  We can talk for hours… thanks Wes for listening to all of […]