I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!!! Christmas Eve Wes and I were super sick, NO fun =(.  Despite that we had a great evening together; eating dinner by candle light, acting out the Nativity, and of course opening PJ’s!! Hannah woke up first Christmas morning and said “I heard Santa’s reindeer last night…I […]

Christmas Tidbits

There are so many exciting things about the Christmas season.  The anticipation is building in our home.  Sometimes this crescendos to a point that the kids are bouncing off the walls and making themselves and me a little crazy.  But that is not the point of this post. Jacob made me laugh so hard the […]

Let it SNOW!

On Friday and Saturday it snowed.  It was truly magical to wake up to a gorgeous white world.  I loved it! We went to our neighbors and very good friends’ houses and threw snowballs at their windows until they came out.  They were greeted with snowballs and joined us in the fun.  Hannah and Jacob […]