It’s a Beautiful Day!

For all those who say Washington is a rainy depressing state.  Take a look at this.   So far this week it has been absolutely marvelous.  Blue skies and 60 degrees.  Gorgeous!!!  We have loved going to the park, riding bikes, and playing in the backyard. So, yes it does rain a lot and it […]

So this is LoVe

I know its a cheesy title but its a sappy love post.  So it fits =). Valentines day started with the kids and me making pink heart shaped pancakes with strawberries.  We even decorated the table so it looked very happy and Valentinish.  The kids were excited to show Daddy the big surprise breakfast.  Then […]

So much to Blog, So little time

I know you are saying, “Well, if you didn’t write so much you would have more time.”  But I have to write it down.  I love and cherish this time in my life and want to capture and remember it.  Pictures and journaling are my way to freeze time. Anyway, on Friday I took the […]


Man!  I have not been updating my blog as I should have.  So, here is another novel.  Sorry it is long, but what can I say, my kids are my pride and joy. Kaitlyn had a doctor appointment on January 10th.  She is 28 inches long (the 95th percentile) and weighs 16 pounds 13 ounces […]


Before I get on my soap box about the election let me first say two things.  One, “America: A Patriotic Primer” is an awesome book to read with your kids.  I love America!  Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for those who made and continue to keep America free. Two, why is it that […]