Girls Night Out

This past weekend was a blast! Wes and Jacob went camping with the scouts and had an awesome time!  And thanks to Braydan we have a picture!  Aren’t they handsome???  We missed them dearly but we did have a lot of fun! I had the best night out with my sweet girls!! We started off […]

Miss Independent

Kaitlyn is loving life!  She is still a wonderful smiley baby but more recently she has discovered her independence. Often times she refuses to eat from the spoon.  Any suggestions?  She now goes exploring all by herself.  She will be playing in the room while I am making dinner and the next thing I know […]

Let’s be a little better

Last week Jacob said, “Mom, we need to all be better.  We need to not get mad and not be rude to each other.  And we shouldn’t get our ‘teasers’ out.” Me:  What are “teasers”? Jacob:  When we tease each other. Me:  Oh, of course =).  He is such an amazing little boy!  I am […]

Hannah’s 2nd Hair CUT!!

Hannah and I have compromised.  She gets to decide HOW we are going to do her hair and WHERE we are going to do her hair.  I get to decide WHEN we are going to do her hair.  This morning I took her hair out of the pony tail from the previous day and started […]

Oddities About Me

Okay, I have been tagged several times and have done none of them.  So, hopefully this long post can suffice for now =). 1.  I love watching musicals and TV shows like I Love Lucy and The Andy Griffith Show.  2.  I cannot watch scary movies.  I still close my eyes or run away until […]

Utah & Idaho FINALLY

Now that we have been home for over a week I feel it is finally time to post about our trip =).  We started our wonderful vacation off by driving for 14 long hours.  Okay, that was sarcastic.  But it really was a fabulous vacation.  We went to Utah because Wes’ work wanted him to […]

No more Baby Hair

Hannah had her first hair cut before we left for Utah.  Yes, you read that right.  It was her FIRST hair cut. She has gorgeous hair and I have to admit I am a little jealous =).  But it was getting very long and she hated (which is major understatement) having it brushed.  So we […]

We Survived!

And that truly was a miracle!!!  Last night we got home from a week long trip from Utah and Idaho.  As we reached the pass there was a heavy storm and shortly after we started over the pass they closed it.  Lovely.  Soon the snow had built up so much on the road that we […]