Sunny Days

Hallelujah our pasty white skin saw the sun this weekend!!!!! Hurray!  Friday the kids and I had a little picnic in the backyard.  Jacob informed me that, “When we have to go pee we just go behind the play house.” Me:  Jacob that is disgusting!  We do not pee in the backyard.  It makes our […]

My little Pack Rat

Hannah has an extremely hard time parting with things! She insists on keeping all of her papers.  So, finally I gave her some boxes to keep them in because it was such a mess.  (I have to clean her room out by myself so it actually gets clean =).) She is constantly packing her bags, […]

One busy little babe!

So, in the past week we have lost one tooth and gained another.  Kailtyn is getting her 7th tooth.  She is getting so big! She can totally stand on her own.  But she is a little stinker and won’t let me get a picture of it.  So, until then you just have to take my […]

Lost tooth!

A couple Saturday’s ago Jacob’s lip all the sudden was huge!  And it kept getting bigger and bigger.  I asked him if he fell or hit something.  He said no.  What in the world is going on???  We looked inside his mouth and he had a huge cyst above his tooth.  And I mean huge, […]

I have a secret

I taught Pre-school at my house today (my friends and I are doing a co-op.  I love it!).  The topic was artists and authors.  So we read a lot of books and then they wrote their own stories.  They thought they were pretty cool being “authors” and “artists.”  Later they each stood up and told […]

Filling in the gaps

K- all I have to say is I so totally rock!!!  I have mastered the caulk gun.  Hooray for me!!  I know most of you already know that after you are done caulking a section that you release the gun so that caulk doesn’t continue to flow over the top.  But I finally figured out […]