Something magical happened today!

Suddenly Kaitlyn can have milk, peanut butter, honey, cake, ice cream… you name it!  Welcome to the wonderful world of great food, Kaitlyn!  Wes came home early from work to celebrate the big day.   The sun finally decided to come out and play late late this afternoon, so, we were able to enjoy a fun […]

I’m Learning

Wes left for a business trip yesterday afternoon and is coming home tomorrow.  Hurray!!!  I know it is only a few days but I miss him like crazy. And I am not the only one.  When he left Hannah was sobbing so hard that she was gasping for breath.  Poor Hannah.  But the cry must […]


We had a fantastic long weekend!!  We started it off by going on a date to see The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.  It was incredible!!  Wes read the book and said that this is the first time he liked the movie better than the book.  There were a few times (okay, a lot of […]


I just wanted to dedicate a post to my most amazing and wonderful hubby and to thank him for being mine. First of all, there were a few (okay a lot) of days when I was painting that Wes came home from work to a messy, no dinner house =(.  He didn’t complain and then […]


This weekend has been absolutely glorious!!!   It has been sunny and warm.  We were able to enjoy garage sales, the sprinklers, sidewalk chalk, BBQ’s, movies, water gun fights, t-ball, and an amazing hike.  It was wonderful!!!! Saturday morning Wes went and got several water guns and then we raced around the house shooting each other […]

I have a baby in my tummy

Wow! A lot has happened since I really posted something.  Jacob started t-ball with a bunch of his friends.  He absolutely LOVES it!  He gets up and bats without any hesitation this year.  He told me “When I hit the ball everyone cheered for me and I didn’t get shy.”  It was AMAZING!!  What a […]

Let’s start over

This morning I come home from the gym.  I was in a fabulous mood and super  excited for the day.   However my kids woke up ornery and fighting.  I was SO frustrated!  And my good mood was completely gone after about 10 minutes  of yelling and whining at me and each other about this or […]

Standing and Walking Proof

   So I finally got some pictures of her standing (sort of =) ).  But I did get video yeah!!!  Monday she took two steps!! Then yesterday we were at my friends and I put her down and she took six steps!!! Hurray Kaitlyn!    Kaitlyn loved playing “trains” with Kaleb yesterday.  I don’t know […]