100% Guaranteed

We have enjoyed three wonderful years with ugly stained blue carpet.  When I was painting I decided, “Why worry about drop clothes and paint spillage.  I will make a royal mess of this carpet so I can guarantee new carpet the day I finish painting.” Also looking at my ugly blue stained painted carpet gave […]

I’m so glad…

“When Daddy comes home! Glad as I can be!” And that is the truth!!  The moment Wes comes home the kids squeal “DAAADDDY!!” and we all race to the door to give him hugs and kisses.  He is the greatest husband and father.  I am so happy that he is mine! This past weekend Wes […]

Congratulations Michelle and Greg!

Kaitlyn and I had a wonderful trip to Utah!! Baby Ellie decided to make her debut about 4 hours AFTER I arrived home in Washington on Wednesday.  I was bummed that I didn’t get to hold my niece but I am happy to say that she is absolutely gorgeous!! Isn’t she perfect!?!  I can’t wait […]