Congratulations Josh and Shuana!!!

Man, life has just been just one continuous round of wonderfully fun events.  Last night I was feeling kind of frustrated with myself and thought, “What is my problem???  Why can’t I can’t anything done?”  And then I glanced at my calendar and realized, “Oh…that would probably be why.” We arrived in AZ on the […]

Hannah’s Song

After we had Family Home Evening Hannah wanted to share the pictures that she drew that day.   She had carefully folded each picture and had neatly  stacked them up.  She stood up and had us pick a hand.  If you picked the right hand you got to sing a song.   If you picked the left […]


Hurray!  I can finally check this off my list!  Man, it took forever to get this post DONE.  First I had to find the old pictures and then getting pictures of the entire house clean is quite a trick =)!    Yes, that wall use to be PINK! And the other walls were RED. hmm… […]

Crittenden Reunion

My mom came to visit us on June 16th and the rest of my family joined us on the 20th for our first Crittenden Reunion.  We had an awesome time visiting with my Mom.  The kids were SO excited to have Grandma come stay with us!!!  And it’s no wonder why.  She is awesome!! Once […]

Hannah Girl

  Hannah turned four last month!  I can’t believe how old my little girl is getting.  She is a such a joy and delight in our lives!!  She is the best little helper I could ever ask for.  All I have to say is, “Hannah can you come here?” and she comes running (most of […]

Blogger’s Guilt =(

First off, I have to apologize.  I have been the worst commenter on friends and families blogs and I am sorry!  I love leaving comments and I am sure I am not the only one who LOVES receiving them =).  Secondly, so many wonderful fun events have happened recently and I haven’t blogged a single […]