Saturday night, Wes and I arrived home safely from our four day backpacking trip.  (Mom, thanks again for watching the kids!!!)  I will leave it to Wes to write that blog and I will insert my comments along the way, that way you get both of our views, which believe it or not, differed drastically at times =).   We did have a great time together!!

In the mean time I am going to attempt to catch up on all the other blog worthy things that have happened over that last few weeks.

Part 2 Arizona:

Wes was only able to stay in sunny AZ for the day of the wedding and then had to return home for work.  The entire day of the wedding Kaitlyn was…well, difficult.  She was getting a new tooth =(.  Poor Katie Sue!  But she was an angel after pictures were taken.  I laid her down in a play pen in an empty room and she slept the entire time.  Yeah!!  She made it possible for me to visit with friends and family.  Thank you all for coming!  I loved seeing you all!!

While in AZ the kids and I enjoyed visiting with family, swimming, and feeding the goats that are across the street from my parents home. 

Jacob is like a fish.  He loves the water!  He taught himself how to do front flips in the water, and he can now dive off the diving board from his knees.  It was great to see his confidence grow.  He is getting to an age where he frequently acts silly and says silly things and then thinks that he is hilarious.  It cracks me up!   While we were swimming he walked along the edge of the pool and said, “I’m walking in the house, I’m walking in the house…Ahhh!!!” and then fell into the pool.  What a funny boy.  And then one night at dinner he said, “I’m going to say something funny….” (unfortunately I can’t remember what he said)Boys… they can be so silly.

Hannah also made great leaps of progress while swimming.  She finally jumped off the edge of the pool and later we bribed her into jumping off the diving board.  I was so happy to see her overcome her fears.  She loves swimming.

The goats loved having my kids visit Grandma and Grandpa.  They were determined to feed them every day.  Jacob would look out the window and say “Look they are hungry, they are waiting for me to come feed them.”  Little does he know that goats could eat all day and still be hungry.

DSC00032Friday, we were able to go visit Grandma and Grandpa Dyer.  Grandpa gave the kids a book about manners and read it to them.  Hmmm….I think that may be a gentle hint.  What do you think?  =)  He is a wonderful Grandpa!!  We loved the time we had with them.


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