My little Animal Lover

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A couple weeks ago, some friends and I went to Forest Park.  They have a wonderful petting zoo there.  All my kids loved it but Kaitlyn especially adored the animals. 

033At first I held Kaitlyn up to the calf so she could pet it and then I tried to move onto something else and she screamed.  She loves animals!  She is not exactly soft with them as you can see in this picture.  Any dog or cat is in danger of Kaitlyn’s love.  It is so cute to see her little personality and find what she loves in life. 

She was “petting” one of the goats and then she lost her balance and fell onto the goat.  The goat didn’t like that and butted her in the stomach (not hard, but enough to let Kaitlyn know he had, had enough “love”).  This didn’t deter her one bit and she continued on her adventure to pet every animal within her grasp. 

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4 thoughts on “My little Animal Lover

  1. I can’t believe you guys are wearing jackets in the pictures! That must be some crazy weather. Glad you had a fun day.

    Sorry about your spill hiking. That has happened to me before and it’s the worst! Can’t wait to hear the report from your hiking trip.

  2. What a cutie! That is so fun that she loved the animals so much – hilarious about the goat!!! :) Oh, and I LOVE your hair!! It looks like you’ve been able to master the curls well enough! – Makes life a lot easier, doesn’t it, to not be fighting with your hair all the time?!

  3. Dang…I should be a professional photographer!:) You look beautiful with your new color.(hair)
    Did you have any for me?? I thought I got a few with your camera?

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