Recently, Hannah has started writing letters and asking how to spell things.   She has known for a long time that there are two “H’s”, two “A’s”, and two “N’s”.  But it took awhile for her to concede and decide that she no longer wanted to be “HHAANN” and can now spell her name the right way =)!  It is adorable to see her cute penmanship.  I love watching her write.

011  013

020  010

My little helper making bread. 


The other day I worked hard to organize a play date for Jacob and Hannah.  Hannah’s friend Delaney came over but once she was here Hannah didn’t want to play with her.  Go figure.  She just wanted to play with Jacob and his friends.  Agggh!  I decided any future play dates with Hannah’s friends will have to be at their home or when Jacob is gone.  She just loves to play with her “brouder” =).


6 thoughts on “ABCDEFG…

  1. I Love how you can see the names “mom” and “kaitlyn” on the paper.
    Way to go Hannah!!!! You should be really proud!! :)

  2. Ah! She is SO cute!!!! I love that little HHAANN!!! She is adorable!!!!!!!! You should have a million of these cute kiddies!!! :)

I always love your comments =).

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