Blood, Guts, and Gore

Wes just completed a four week MOFA course on Thursday.  Yeah!!  He had class on both Tuesday and Thursday nights and Young Men’s on Wednesday night.  So, the kids and I had three days a week on our own.  Some days and nights were better than others =).  We are excited to have him around […]

I love Spray Paint and Ribbon!

Ribbon and spray paint have become my new best friends when it comes to decorating.  I love them!  The possibilities are endless. I decided the best way to finish off Hannah’s room would be to just use white material and get ribbon to match the colors in her bedding.  These two projects have by far […]

Playing the Name Game

This is the first time we have struggled to come up with a name for our new little bundle of joy.  We asked the kids what they thought we should name their sister.  They thought Smiley would be a great name!  Later Jacob suggested Luke, like Luke Skywalker.  And Hannah joked that we should name […]


We had a fun eventful week.  Hannah had her second hair cut and it looks darling.  Amazingly, since she got her hair cut she has let me do her hair everyday with out any screaming, crying, or whinnying.  What a miracle!   Jacob had his first field trip and he got to ride the bus!  […]

My little Pumpkins

  We enjoyed a gorgeous sunny day out at the Pumpkin Patch yesterday.  The kids love our annual trip to the farm.  They have a lot of different and very creative scenes set up using pumpkins.  The kids love running around and seeing some of their favorites like the Pumpkin Pirates, Cinderella, and Snow White […]

I just want you all to know…

that my husband is an expert with a Nerf gun.  So, watch out =)!   We have had endless hours of fun with these $6 Nerf guns.  We’ve enjoyed many battles, hunting for the “beast”,  face off’s, and the best was tonight,  target shooting with a balloon.  Great fun!  I highly recommend purchasing a set […]


      I was waiting and waiting to loose all the baby weight before getting family pictures taken and sadly that day never came.  Since it wasn’t going to get any better, I decided we had better get them taken as soon as possible =).  I know what you are saying family, “Where’s my picture?”  […]

Creating Joy!

The combination of being pregnant and the changing weather have caused me to go into super-mega project mode.  I always love projects, organizing,  and decorating, but now it is to the extreme.  As if I wasn’t already =).  First, I tackled our disastrous garage.  It wasn’t this bad to begin with.  This picture was taken […]