Kaitlyn’s words

I know no one else really cares, but I always love hearing my children’s first words and their cute tiny little voices.  So, for my own record here are a few of the things Kaitlyn says: Hi!            Dada, Mama Nana (Hannah) She says Jacob the same way every time but I don’t have a clue […]

Home Sweet Home

Since we have been home, I have become a crazy nesting woman waddling around as fast as I can organizing and cleaning every inch of our home.  My poor family who has to suffer through my insanity =).  Oh well, my craziness will soon end and I will be enjoying countless hours relaxing on the […]

Happy 6th Birthday Jacob!

We celebrated Jacob’s 6th birthday at a rock gym.  Jacob was very excited to celebrate his birthday with his Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, and Grandpas.  So, thank you for coming and making it a special day for him. I wish I could have climbed but I figured it would be petty much impossible since I can’t […]

We love FAMILY

Upon arriving in Arizona we had several more days of celebrating Christmas and opening presents with family.  The kids loved it and thought Christmas would never end =).  Thank you for all the wonderful gifts family!  We love you! While in Arizona we became professional bowlers, golfers, and boxers thanks to the Wii.  Just look […]

Christmas to Arizona

We were privileged to share Christmas Eve with our wonderful neighbor, Gloria.  After dinner, Gloria asked Hannah, “Have you been good this year?” Hannah replied quite candidly, “Sometimes we are good and sometimes we are bad.” “Do you think Santa will bring you anything?” Hannah thought for a moment and responded sincerely, “Well, most of […]