Chicken Walk

Last Saturday while Wes was busy trad climbing (Trad climbing is when they place nuts and cams into the rocks and then rope up to that and climb.  SCARY!)  a huge mountain with his buddy Braydan, the kids and I went to a Heritage Museum and bird show.  At the heritage museum we saw things […]

A snip-it

Last week I had a really, really, L-O-N-G day.  And now that it is over I can talk about it =).  It was a hard day.  The kids weren’t feeling well and they were less than pleasant to be around.   Jacob and Hannah wanted to watch a movie.  They agreed upon a movie but couldn’t […]

The Ox is in the Mire

Guess what I woke up to?  Throw up.  All over Jacobs bed, in his drawer (don’t ask), and on the floor.  Gross! Later, I found that Kaitlyn was practicing her artistic skills on the wall.  And then I found makeup, my base, spread all over my bathroom, the kids bathroom, the walls, the doors, on […]

Night post

Today was a fun day.  Hannah and I made Lemon Delight cupcakes.  I love lemon.  Kaitlyn and I danced in the kitchen together.  She likes jumping =).  Jacob read to me.  He loves it.  Adelie was happy and peaceful all day!!!  Waahoo!!! She has been a little colicky lately.  So, this made for a fantastic […]

My Hiatus

I am amazed I survived over two weeks without Internet access from my home computer.  And I am even more amazed to say that it was wonderful! Without the Internet I realized: That I can still use the computer.  How amazing!!  Seriously, when I first lost the Internet my first thought was, “Ugh…I can’t even […]

We can do it!

For family home evening Wes started by talking about how, “Last Monday night we sat and talked about how crazy the next day, Tuesday, was going to be.  We didn’t know how or if we would be able to accomplish all that needed to be done that day but we did it!  Dyer’s can do […]

Shopping Experiences

I always sit down to write a blog and feel like there has to be some direct purpose or focus for that particular blog.  But lately I have had so many random thoughts and little things that have made me smile during the day that I just want to write… So welcome to my random […]

Don’t mix it

Friday morning I went into Jacob’s classroom to volunteer.  When he saw me he gave me the biggest smile ever!  I loved it!  He just kept staring and smiling at me.  I, of course, was smiling back at him with an equally if not bigger smile.  I felt an amazing amount of love for my […]

Absolutely BRILLIANT!

Do you want to know the most brilliant idea for dinner?  Okay, maybe it is not that great but it is yummy, very fast, and very healthy.  You can’t beat that, right? Anyway, bake sweet potatoes, heat up “Bush’s Chili Beans” (they are so yummy), grate cheese, cut green onions and tomatoes, put it all […]

Four’s a lot to blog

Jacob is getting to be a fantastic reader and he “loves reading”.  He reads much faster and with a lot more confidence.  I am so happy to see him doing so well. He informed me today that he has learned three new things.  “I learned how to swing all by myself, jump off the swing, […]