Missing Him…

The dreaded weekends have just begun =(.  Wes and Braydan left Thursday night to climb Mount Hood in Oregon and they will be home in about an hour.  (I’m so excited!!!) They are going to be climbing a new mountain each month in preparation to hike Mount Rainier in June.  I must be the best […]

Tuesday’s Top Ten

I don’t know about this whole Friday thing.  I’m not very good at it.  I started out on Friday, then Saturday, and now Tuesday.  Oh well.  Here’s some fabulousness from the week. 1. Big boxes.  The kids LOVE them!  One minute it’s a car, then a space ship, then a house.  What could be better […]

Dinner and a Movie

A frequent scene from the Dyer table: Me:  Hannah, can you please eat your dinner? Hannah:  I don’t want to. Me:  Okay, that’s fine.  You don’t have to.  Why don’t you just go get your jammies on and go to bed. Hannah hysterically yells:  But if I don’t eat, I’ll die!  Do you want me […]


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We started our Easter Festivities off on Saturday by going to our ward party at the church.  I love our ward!  Sunday, we hid the eggs inside because it was extremely wet outside.  The kids screamed with delight each time they found one.  Seriously, it was LOUD.   […]

Saturday’s Fabulousness

Yeah, I survived my first busiest week since having Adelie.  I taught preschool on both Tuesday and Thursday.  And had to do a bunch of other random errands and running around and I had to be outside as much as possible between all the busyness so I could soak up every ounce of sunshine possible!  […]


I have several cousins who post their fabulous five almost every Friday.  I always love reading these posts because it reminds me to look for the simple fabulous things in life.  I finally decided to start doing it myself.  So, here are five fabulous things of the week: 1.  My fort.  I made a fort […]

Rewind Please

One night I was laying in bed  nursing Adelie, starring into her perfect little face and realizing that she is already two months old.  The realization  made me wish I could rewind life.  And then I thought man, if I could rewind, I would also want to be able to fast forward.  The ability to […]