Awesomeness and Attractiveness

This weekend has been wonderful!  Simply wonderful! Friday night Wes and I enjoyed our date night at the movies.  I have to admit Star Trek was pretty good.  We had to close our eyes one time during a short scene.  And then I end up closing my eyes during all the suspenseful scary parts and […]

getting dirty

Happy happy Thursday everyone!  Happy days will come to you all year!  If I had a wish than it would be a happy happy Thursday to you from me! A warning, this is one of the most rambling posts ever!  I wrote little bits here and there and ended up with this mess.    ______________________________________________________________ […]

two hoodlums

Illumination saddle during sunset from our tent A few weeks ago, my good friend, Braydan DuRee, and I drove to Oregon to climb Mount Hood via the south side route.  We arrived at the Timberline lodge a little after midnight, rolled out our sleeping bags in the bed of his truck, and promptly fell asleep.  […]