Happy Ha-Ha-Na-Na!

Happy Birthday to my little, I mean BIG, Ha-Ha-Na-Na!! Oh, when I think of my sweet little Hannah my heart is incredibly happy!  She is a gem.  I don’t know what I would do without my “little mother”.  She is so caring and kind with her baby sisters.  She will entertain Kaitlyn for hours reading, […]

little feet in mamma’s shoes

Happy, Happy Birthday Katie-Sue! I gotcha’ where I want ya and now I’m gonna eat ya! We had a wonderful day celebrating Kaitlyn’s second birthday!  I can’t believe my baby Kate is two!!!  However, when you ask her how old she is, she will often tell you “three”. After everyone devoured their cake, Kaitlyn started […]

Vacations and Visits

Oh, shame on me for not blogging!!!  I am way, way behind!  Time to do some catching up. By the Sea Side "If you’re lucky enough to be at the beach…then you’re lucky enough!"   We took a fun spontaneous trip to Sea Side way back on Memorial day weekend.  The drive there was surprisingly […]

ready or not

Oh, my sad little blog.  I have truly missed it.   It has been way too long and I have a ton of very fun things to record: a trip to Sea Side, Kaitlyn’s birthday, my sweet cousin Rachel and families visit, t-ball, kindergarten and preschool celebrations, and trip to the zoo.  But that long list […]


“It’s a go.” After several weeks of anxious anticipation and careful planning, it appeared that everything had come together for our May 21st – 23rd climb of Mount Baker via the Coleman-Deming route. On Thursday afternoon, Braydan, Dallon, and I threw our packs into my car, loaded our bikes on the back, and set off […]