8 miles/4 kids/6.5 hours

Congratulations to my handsome husband, my brother Chris, Braydan, and Kyle!!!! They summited Mount Rainier Saturday morning at 5:20 AM!!!  Awesome guys!  Anyway, look for a future post from guest blogger Wes Dyer for all the details.  In the meantime here is a post Wes wrote for me, thanks Honey, about our hike with the […]

Pulling Plastic

A few weeks ago, Amber was feeling really sick on a Saturday.  Jacob and Hannah wanted to get out and do something.  I asked them what they wanted to do and they both decided that they wanted to go to the climbing gym.  So off we went. We did a little top-roping, but mostly we […]

Father & Son

When I was a boy, I loved going to the ward father and sons campout with my dad.  I don’t remember a lot of the details anymore, but I do remember driving with my dad, eating hearty breakfasts, playing in the woods, and chasing chickens. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted Jacob to […]

My little Bamboo Merchants

  The kids have been very busy pulling bamboo out of our yard and shucking it to reveal the beautiful bamboo sticks pictured above.  I told them to save it for me so I could use it for an upcoming Relief Society Luau that I am in charge of.  Today, Jacob made a receipt and […]