The Trojan Horse

Just a reminder:  Tuesday, November 3rd is the last day to vote.  Senate Bill 5688 was passed by the Senate earlier this year.  However, voters have “filed a sufficient referendum petition on this bill” and now have the opportunity to vote regarding Referendum 71. As explained in the Voter’s Pamphlet, the existing law already provides […]


Okay, seriously. This is getting ridiculous.  Every night I clean and pick up all the messes (toys, food, shoes, crumbs, dishes, laundry…la, ti, da, ti da) and every morning by 10 am dishes are strewn across the kitchen, toys are spilled all over the room, crumbs and sticky little blobs are smashed on the floor […]

Happy Fall

Oh, how I have missed my little blog.  I know I have said that before.  But it is so true.  Journaling helps me reflect and notice those wonderful little things in life that make it so grand.  I now know why, we have been told to keep a journal.  I have kept myself busy putting […]