It was so great!  Monday morning I woke up to four happy, healthy, little munchkins!  I was so incredibly glad =)!  It is amazing how wonderful and easy everyday life really is.  I suppose that is why we get to experience such sad, sick, overwhelming, horrible times (imagine my sarcastic excited face).  Okay, today is […]

in awe

As I was trying really hard to fall asleep, Addie made this completely and totally impossible ={, I was filled with insurmountable gratitude.   “Wes doesn’t love me for the things I do or accomplish.  He loves me simply because I’m me.”  I am in awe.

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beanies rock

Happy Birthday to my Hot 30-year-old Hubby!!!  The celebration began with a morning date, at the climbing wall. Wes LOVES climbing and I am learning to like it =).  Truly, it scares me silly and while I am climbing Wes has to continually coax and sometimes make me continue to climb to the top.  Since […]