sleep tight

Why does it take such an incredibly long time to put tired children to bed!?!    And why am I so completely exhausted during this forever long process but the moment all four little heads hit the pillow I come alive with an amazing amount of energy and excitement for the endless possibilities and projects […]

yucky chocolate

Kaitlyn came upstairs looking something like this: Me:  “Kaitlyn, what chocolate have you been eating?” Kaitlyn:  “Yucky chocolate.”  (with a little face of disgust that such a thing should even exist.) LOL!!!  She dove into dark chocolate.  I must be getting old because I love it. When my brother Chris came to visit with his […]


I am Thankful  for… wonderful Family and Friends to share Thanksgiving with.  We love you guys! a beautiful moist Turkey.  thanks to my amazing Hubby. the “Feast”.  The kids frequently meandered downstairs to ask if the “Feast” was ready.  They were excited! scrumptious pies playing games! Family!  We missed you. Lefties = no cooking =)!!! […]