little ladies drama

I’ve shared at least twice that the book, “So You Want to Raise a BOY?” has seriously saved my sanity.  It reassures me over and over again that, “It is a stage and he is NORMAL.”  I frequently lament that there isn’t such a book for girls.  I still haven’t found a book but I […]


i went to recess today.   i played basket ball with the cutest boy.  his name is jacob.  we laughed and shot hoops. i didn’t do too bad.  i think he was impressed.   i better take advantage.  thanks for inviting me to play with you.  love you!!! xoxo, mom p.s.  after school we went to the […]


We’re alive!  =) I stopped blogging, checking emails regularly, returning phone calls promptly, and getting together with friends for three whole weeks because I had the delightful company of Lindsay and my mother.  It was a dream come true! But more details on that later. Currently the kids are being extremely “creative”.  They are making […]