i’m racing

I often avoid doing the laundry until it looks something like this… 5 heaping loads of clean laundry Yep, I pretty much dread it.   However, I am extremely competitive. I started timing myself =).  “Speed folding…I am speed”.   my start time . What do you think?  How long did it take??? . . […]

i might cry…

Our computer has virus =(. If I lose my pictures I will bawl. Wes was on a camp out with the scouts this past weekend.   I was tired of the monotony of being at home cleaning, laundry, messes, and to-do lists.   So we escaped to one of our favorite day getaways, the wooden […]

planting a particle of faith

Good news. Jacob cleaned his room.  AMAZING! I asked if it was horrible.  He said yes.  And then laughed, “No. It wasn’t”.  Poor kid chose not to clean his room for oh…4-5 days and thus chose not to play with friends.  Hurray for clean rooms!  Hurray for friends!   More good news.   I am […]

slightly extreme

I love life. The only problem is there is never enough time… to become a master gardener, photographer, and digital scrap-booker.  And have a beautifully decorated home that is clean and organized.  Work out.  Eat right.  But most importantly, be the best wife and mom EVER =)! {[SIGH]} I have an incredibly hard time being […]

pink… snow

wes came home to: the pink panther theme song. pink footprints leading up the stairs. and the kids hiding. it was a pink panther movie night =).    snowy sleddy saturday There’s nothing quite like a sledding smile! Jacob and Hannah were adorable pulling their sled to the top and then bombing the hill, laughing […]

Walkie but no Talkie

      I woke up this morning to the glorious sound of little birdies chirping.  A few quick updates. Kaitlyn was thrilled to discover all her princess utensils and shirt clean on the same day.  Lucky girl ;).  We are going strong on her, one, two, three, fourth! day of wearing that cute purple […]

capturing light

I have admired, envied, and adored good photography for years; wishing I could capture that special moment, wishing I could capture the grandeur and majesty of the scenery, and wishing the photo could almost transport the viewer back in time.  In December I was whining and complaining to my sweet patient hubby, that I am […]