I didn’t get any mail on Monday or Saturday.  I called the post office.  “Someone must me stealing my mail!”  They informed me that I didn’t have any mail to deliver.  Who worries about their mail??? Old ladies. Tuesday, I vacuumed my entire house with my midget, Kaitlyn-size vacuum (a section of my vacuum is […]

O Canada

Guess what!?!  Wes saved my our computer from a fatal death.  And more importantly he saved all of my our pictures. =) [HUGE, HUGE, sigh of relief] If you haven’t already, BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER! especially your pictures. I would seriously sob my eyes out if I lost any pictures.  It is hard for me […]

a BIG surprise

For my birthday I got a wonderful, glorious, relaxing, romantic, fun,  SURPRISE! from my Wesley.   He took me to Disneyland! He was in cahoots with my Mom for months planning and preparing. [sigh] So romantic.   He packed my bags and took me out to “dinner”.  When we arrived at the airport I was SHOCKED!  […]

three PEEPS survive

    Eggs dyed.  Peeps munched.  Conference watched. Candied-eggs hunted and found. What a glorious weekend! After the Priesthood meeting Wes told me about the marshmallow study mentioned inPresident Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk.  We decided mimic the study with our three oldest children and three sugar coated peeps.  We put each child in a separate room with […]