sprinklers, shoes, summits

Life is grand! It will be even grander with the kids are out of school.  We still have 14! days left of school.  Can you believe it!?! I long for those relaxing days at the park, the beach, hikes, berry picking, playing in the river, walks, movies, tasty veggies, and those stunning long summer nights.  […]

the talent to IGNORE

Today has been an exhausting both physically and emotionally. Physically exhausting, because we went on a field trip with Hannah’s class to the zoo.  It was fun…well, sort of.  You would think I would have learned by now that running around the zoo with a almost 3-year-old and 1-year-old and five, 5-year-olds is not fun.  […]

bald and headless

LOL!!! My poor children.  I tortured them for hours desperately trying to get that perfect shot. I love the painful look on Jacob’s face in this picture.  “MOM! Please stop.”  Sorry bud!   Monday May 17th AHH!!!  I am going to pull my hair out!  Kaitlyn woke Adelie up from BOTH of her naps.  In an […]

a mix of six

“If at first you don’t succeed, do it like your Mother told you!” Mother’s. What would we do without them?  I am extremely grateful and blessed to have such an incredible woman as my mother.  I love her dearly.  I try to be like her.   I am extremely grateful for my wonderful mother-in-law, Susan, for […]

morning funnies

“Good morning Angel.” Kaitlyn, “I not an angel!” Later Kaitlyn, Adelie, and I helped Hannah to class with her VIP treats.  As we were leaving Kaitlyn exclaimed, “MOM!  I want to go to school!”  all the way down the hall, and all the way through the office, and all the way to the car.  =) […]

my babies

My sweet little baby Adelie thinks she is big.  Where did my baby go?  She’s an itty bitty person, walking, talking, and climbing.  She now prefers her banana’s whole. She loves sitting on little chairs all by herself. It is very sad.  She has arrived at the age of “reachabilty”.  Whenever the opportunity presents itself […]