my babies

_MG_8937 My sweet little baby Adelie thinks she is big.  Where did my baby go?  She’s an itty bitty person, walking, talking, and climbing. 

She now prefers her banana’s whole.

She loves sitting on little chairs all by herself.

It is very sad.  She has arrived at the age of “reachabilty”.  Whenever the opportunity presents itself she climbs on top of tables, sinks, toilets etc. 

I never thought I would see Adelie and climbing in the same sentence.  She is an extremely cautious little lady! 

It took her FOREVER to decide she could walk.  On March 11th she started taking 3-4 steps and then back to all fours. March 21st she took up to 10 steps.  “Phew. That was scary, I better crawl.”  Finally by April 2nd she was a full time walker.  Go Addie!!!_MG_0345

Adelie loves the great outdoors and when you  start to walk toward her as if you are going to pick her up.  She frantically exclaims, “No! No! No! No!”

She waves bye.  Loves to clap and laugh.

While we were in church someone cracked a joke, people laughed, and once it was dead silent Adelie started laughing, loud =).

She often walks around the house laughing.  I want in on the laughter even if it is her fake little laugh.  What a crack up.

Her favorite word is “MOM!”  She says it OFTEN in her low husky baby voice.  She leans in until our faces almost touch and then says, “Mom!”

My baby Addie is the cuddliest little babe.  She must have a little hug sensor  because any time someone is getting a hug here comes Addie for some love.  She loves to be cuddled, loved, and adored.

IMG_0519 IMG_0522IMG_0530

Adelie wiggles and pulls herself on top of the toilet and then up to the sink.  This time she soaked herself while she was there.

I was really hoping Adelie would be my quite submissive easy going child.  And she is. Sort of.  When I was lamenting this to my friend she responded, “She is a Dyer.  What do you expect.”


_MG_9798Meet my little bow head, Kaitlyn.  She loves to be silly and make people laugh.

She told me she was sad.  I asked, why?  She laughed, “I just kiddin’”

She often asks to be tickled.  “Tickle me” or “Don’t tickle me” in a sly teasing voice.


She loves being a big sister to her baby Addie.  She tells me, “My Addie awake!”

While Adelie thinks she is big, Kaitlyn suddenly thinks she is little.  She needs help going potty, needs a sippy cup to drink from, and needs help buckling in the car.  Silly Kate.

My Katie-lady can not go to bed with out a bed full of books, especially her princess books.  She can count to 10 and loves to color and draw with her siblings.  So far she has drawn purses and a cat in a tree.  She adores cats.  Oh dear. 

Kaitlyn is a free spirit.  She loves her hair down and preferably un-combed.  She has an incredible sense of style.  She loves bright, frilly, flowery, polka-dotty, stripy, pink clothes.  She combines each piece with no regard of how it will look with the rest.  The result is pure awesomeness =).

The war over clothes has already begun in our house.  Kaitlyn loves to raid Hannah and Adelie’s closets.  She is quite proud of her creations =).

Kaitlyn makes an adorable little shadow. She enjoys cooking and sampling with me in the kitchen and recently joined me weeding the garden.  She is the most enthusiastic weed puller I have ever seen. “Mom, I got him.  I got a weed.”  “Is this a weed?”  “Look there’s lots of weeds! I get them.”  She plucked a little flower for her self and moved it around with her.  She would forget where it was and ask.  “Where’s my flower.  Where is him. Oh, there it is.”  She saw a snail and exclaimed, “I don’t like the yellow worm.  Eww…I don’t like the yellow worm.”  Kaitlyn you make everything in life an absolute delight.  Thanks for being my shadow.

She and Adelie compete for hugs and loves.  Kaitlyn will often come up to me and say, “I need to hold you.”  And the second I am holding one of them the other one MUST be held. 

How wonderful to be loved.


8 thoughts on “my babies

  1. I can not believe how big Addie has gotten since I was up there. I need to see you all. I am like Katie and Addie I need to hold all of you. I miss you something terrible. When are you moving back to Arizona. Let me talk to Wes.
    The pictures are incredible. Amber you will soon be a pro. I my mind you already are. I love you all!

  2. Oh my goodness, those pictures are precious! :) I love the look on Katie’s face in the one with the friend. — SO cute! I also love that you used the word “awesomeness.” That is rad. :) I love you! I’ll have to call you tomorrow as I’m cleaning up all the awesomeness that comes with having family here through the weekend. :) Talk to you soon!

  3. Oh how I love your little girlies :) I love when Addie cuddles with me and Katie just makes me smile with her “free spirit” ways.

  4. Such cute girls! I love their little stories. Owen does the same thing as Adelie…he laughs after everyone else has laughed. He can’t help himself, he has to join everyone! What fun to have little ones.

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