bald and headless



LOL!!! My poor children.  I tortured them for hours desperately trying to get that perfect shot. I love the painful look on Jacob’s face in this picture.  “MOM! Please stop.”  Sorry bud!  

Monday May 17th

AHH!!!  I am going to pull my hair out!  Kaitlyn woke Adelie up from BOTH of her naps. 

In an extremely odd sort of way, it is endearing.  Endearing, that she loves her sister so much that she can’t stand to be apart.

I found Kaitlyn in the crib laughing and snuggling with Adelie.  Oh, so cute!

And then not ten minutes later Kaitlyn has taken something from Adelie and she is screaming her head off.  Grrr…

If this doesn’t stop we are going to have a lot of bald headless people wandering around our house.  LOL!!! =)

Saturday May 16th

While Wes and Jacob were gone at the Father and Son’s campout, I mowed the lawn.  It was great. 

Mowing the lawn is a wonderful chore.  No one can talk to you =).  Happy day!

The girls and I had a fun time swimming, watching Sawn Princess, eating popcorn, eating waffles, and working on Hannah’s scrapbook.

Wednesday May 12th 

Today feels like a relaxing summer day that should be thoroughly enjoyed by doing absolutely nothing. 

Mostly because my body is so completely and totally sore from yesterday’s workout, that doing anything but sitting on my tush is extremely painful. 

I finally pulled myself off my chair and climbed the stairs to find Kaitlyn’s peed panties on the floor, a naked Kate, and clothes covering the floor.  Lovely dear.

I helped her get dressed and got “paid” with a typical Katie hug, a flying leap into my arms and lots of kisses.   No job can beat that kind of pay!

Since my lazy bones can’t do anything but sit here is a little update on my Hannah and Jacob.

Last week Hannah was the VIP at school.  We put together an “all about me” poster board and in the process took a walk down memory lane as we searched for pictures.  My heart was overwhelmed with love. 

As I looked back at pictures I could distinctly remember myself thinking, “Jacob and Hannah are so big”!   What!?! Was I thinking???? They were itty bitty toddlers.  How could I ever think they were big?

And then I stopped myself and realized, “I still think they are big”.  And they’re not.

Perspective, can be so weird.


Hannah’s new swing.  Oh, how I love those little legs =).  LOL!

My sweet Hannah is an artsy, creative, inventor.  She loves to find new ways to use ordinary objects and thinks it is hilarious. 

I love having mother-daughter time with Hannah.  Last week we went to the craft store.  It went something like this:

Hannah:  Mom can I have this? 

Me:  No, not today. 

Hannah:  Please!  I really like it.

Me:  Why don’t you put it on your birthday list?

Hannah begrudgingly puts it back.

Hannah:  Mom, can I have this? 

Me:  What is it?

Hannah:  I don’t know.  Can I have it?

Me: Ummm… No.

Hannah:  Moooom, but I just really want one. 

Me:  Hannah, I know.  When I come  to a craft store I want to buy everything too.  But we can’t.  Sorry.

IMG_0798While at the craft store I called my crafty, creative, friend Sammy for some help.  Being the awesomest friend that she is, she came and helped me and then offered that we come “shop” at her house for the rest of our supplies.

When we got in the car at 9pm Hannah was quick to inform me that, “I’m not tired we can go to Sammy’s store.”  Are you sure?  “Yep, I am not tired at all,” while batting back her sleepy eyes.

Sammy let Hannah take home a few papers for her project and I told her she would have to give Sammy a hug and say thanks.  Suddenly she became bashful.  After a lot of pushing and prodding she finally gave Sammy a hug.  Thanks Sammy for saving our crafts!  You’re awesome.

Hannah made me a beautiful heart necklace for Mother’s day that I wore to church.  Thank you Hannah!


Today Hannah’s friend Jordan is over.  They crack me up.  They had a full day planned, “First we are going to run through the sprinkler, then we are going to make necklaces, then we are going to make Rice Krispie treats, and then we are going to have a tea party.” 

I get a lecture from Hannah almost every day before she leaves for school.  “Mom! I just cleaned my whole room and I put all  of Kaitlyn’s toys in the hall.  So, please make sure that she doesn’t go in my room.  And if she does make a mess.  You will have to clean it up before I get home because I always come home to a mess and then I have to clean it up. And I don’t like that.”

Hannah continues to be the most nurturing girl I know.   When we watched Eliza and Kaleb she took Eliza to the other room and held her and played with her.  She was very sad when Eliza had to leave.  She is the best little mommy, who has an incredible desire to love and care for others.  Too bad no one is submissive enough in this house =).

Hannah thank you for being a wonderful and delightful bundle of joy.  I love you!    

IMG_0825 School this year has been an awesome challenge for Jacob and I.  We both have had a lot of wonderful growing up opportunities. 

He has a wonderful teacher, who has seen is profectionistic, shy personality and has encouraged him to stretch and grow.  She has been a huge blessing to both of us.

I was shocked when Jacob came home from school with the lead role in a play. 

The next day he came home saying he thought he was doing a bad job in the play. 

I called his teacher to see how things were going.  She could say nothing but good.  I was impressed that his teacher understands his personality and gave him the lead role to help him gain confidence. 

Jacob loves horses.  During library he picked a horse book but it was pink!  He didn’t want the boys to make fun of him so he went to the Librarian and asked her what he could do.  They worked out a plan and he picked up his book at the end of the day and secretly slipped it into his bag with out a single boy noticing. 

He lamented, “Why are all the horse books girl books?  Why don’t they just have normal horse books?”

The next week at library he found a boy horse book. 

I realize that this little story doesn’t seem like much but it is HUGE for Jacob.  I was amazed!

When asked to write about something he would like to know he wrote:


When asked to write about a problem that he solved he wrote:


(How I solve a problem:  I accidentally knocked over my sister.  First, I say sorry, then I make her laugh, then we play.)

_MG_0007 Jacob loves watching “Man vs. Wild”.  He thinks Bear Grylls is AWESOME.  I am sure Jacob will save our lives one day with some incredible tip from Bear.  Star War’s, of course, still remains a favorite.

One of my favorite things Jacob does lately is hum and sing songs as he plays.  His favorite is, “We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet.”

Jacob has the strongest desire to do what is right and please others.  I love my boy!

He has an incredible relationship with each of his sisters.  They could not ask for a more patient, understanding, loving big brother.  He is the best!


5 thoughts on “bald and headless

  1. So sweet! I’m glad that you are all doing so well. I miss you. Can I miss you when I haven’t lived close to you in . . . 20 years? LOL. I miss you. I wish you were here to go to the park and the zoo with us today. I love you. Thanks for updating.

  2. What a fun update on your cute kiddies! The “perspective” part about thinking your kids are so big and then realizing they are only going to get bigger is so true!

  3. Oh my I love the story of the pink horse book! LOL! You’re going to have to sneak that librarian a candy bar or something :)

  4. I love your updates. Thanks for sharing the good and bad. You make me smile! And the stories of the kids are adorable and hilarious!

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