climb every mountain!…and slide

School got out on Friday the 18th.  Hallelujah! {That weekend Wes was gone with the scouts.  Now you know why we had that emergency camping trip the weekend before =).} In celebration of the last day of school we went park hopping. It started in Bothell celebrating our sweet cousin Ashlyn’s birthday, picked up Jacob, […]

Love those Big Brown Eyes

June 13th-14th It was a privileged to have my Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Dave, and Aunt Renske come stay with us.  I enjoyed catching up with my Aunt Renske.  She is thoughtful and caring of others.  Hannah enjoyed their conversation on the ride to the airport. I had forgotten how great it was to hear my […]

Emergency Camp Trip

Camping on San Juan Island 6/10-6/12 It was an amazing and much needed escape. The Ferry Ride   Kaitlyn and Adelie pretending to be little monkeys.  The kids loved running around on the upper deck, spotting seals, playing on benches, and follow the leader.  Kaitlyn is our wonderer, Adelie is our follower.  Together they keep […]

trash worthy

  Remember that primary activity I mentioned in the last post?  Jacob and Hannah each came home with a sandwich bag stuffed full of candy.  There was such an incredible amount of arguing and fighting over that darn candy, that I finally told them, “You have until breakfast to eat as much candy as you […]