Good Grief!

UGG! I am seriously fed up with the icky-sickiness IN THE SUMMER!  We have had someone or several someone’s sick every weekend since the end of June.  I am seriously annoyed!  Can’t we just enjoy summer!?!  I can handle the crazy back and forth spring, winter, summer weather, but I just can’t handle having my […]

Poor starving children…

  Yesterday the bread got attacked!!!  LOL!!! I love how Addie reaches up, pats her little hand around fishing for something of interest, grabs it, and examines her find.  Poor Hannah remained in this position the majority of the day with a fever.  Today she is feeling much better but her voice “still sounds different.” […]

Personal Fashion Consulting

Jacob and Hannah arrived home yesterday.  They had a wonderful fun packed time with Grandma and Grandpa.  {Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!  We love you!}  The kids are going to help me write a blog about their trip once we get pictures. It was nice to have time with just our two babies.  Kaitlyn enjoyed […]


Monday July 5th Last week, Wes was able to convince me that it would be a fabulously “fun” bonding experience to climb THE TOOTH.  Sound scary?  Well, it was! Previously, I had sworn that I would never hike through mountainous melting snow ever again, NEVER would I glissade down a mountain, and NEVER! EVER! EVER! […]

Why Kaitlyn thinks planes are stupid

I just got home from sending my kids off to Utah for a visit with Grandpa and Grandma and got the call that they arrived safely. I don’t know why, but I feel like my heart is torn to pieces. I miss them terribly. I tried to restrain my tears and did…okay. Kaitlyn however, sobbed […]

Raised Flags

The excitement grew, as we planned and prepared for the 4th.  Jacob and Hannah even made shirts.    Saturday morning we attended a flag raising ceremony, with a delicious pancake breakfast, served with four different homemade syrups, blueberry, strawberry, apple, and maple.  Yum!  My handsome scouting hubby hung our flag. We meet our friends at […]

Six! & Sick

Happy, Happy, Birth-day Hannah Dear! The morning of Hannah’s SIXTH! birthday I woke up to Kaitlyn puking in my bed!  Lovely.  Thus, most of the day was spent watching movies and playing games.   Thankfully, Kaitlyn bounced back around 2pm and we were all able to enjoy a fabulous evening celebrating! Hannah’s birthday breakfast, strawberry waffles. […]