hide me

Yesterday our sweet neighbor came and told me that she saw Jacob scaling the gate.  She came out and told the kids that they “were not to climb the fence!” Kaitlyn sassy and confident as ever retorted, “You are not nice.  I don’t like you.”  Her friend agreed.  The two of them said that they […]

slightly unrealistic

Stain. Stain. Stain.  We like to stain.  We like to stain the fence.  Stain. Stain. Stain. {sung to the tune “Sing, Sing, Sing”} It is true.  I settled on a color and…I like it.  Hurray! In Tom Sawyer style, we invited the kids to join us.  My kids followed suit and enthusiastically invited their friend.  […]


We just returned from a fabulous camping trip with the DuRees last night.  Wes and I decided camping with kids is awesome if you K.I.S.S.  {keep it simple sweetie}.  Bring as little as possible.  Make simple meals, or better yet eat out =).  Despite our effort to K.I.S.S., I still over packed, too many clothes […]

Life is Good

I rarely look at my struggles as an awesome challenge to over come, but rather, “I must be broken.”  “What’s wrong with me?  Why can’t I just be…?  Why can’t I stop…?  Why am I so…?” Sometimes I just drive myself crazy.  I get really frustrated with myself and life in general.  As I mentioned, […]

Where’s the Button – Part 2

Day 3, I needed a break and time to regroup before the next slew of adventures. However, Julie and Isaac went on a seven mile bike ride to get fresh fruit from a farmers market.  Thursday morning was spent at home playing games and taking the color test.  Do you know what color you are???  […]

Where’s the Button? – Part 1

She’s gone.  Boo-hoo.  I seriously miss her.  My sister is incredible!  I even took notes, in hope that someday I can be as cool as her. Here is what she packs in the trunk of her car: A back pack with: running shoes, climbing shoes, a stop watch, swim suit, work out clothes, Frisbee, hair […]