Love them More!

My kids were exceptionally irritable the several days leading up to school starting. Jacob was a complete pain teasing, complaining, and whining almost constantly. Life just wasn’t fair in his mind. {basically driving me crazy!} Then it hit me he wasn’t trying to be a pain, but was really feeling overwhelmed and nervous about school […]

Long ago…

Okay, seriously!  I am way behind on my blog like 6+ posts behind. YIKES!!!  Oh well, here’s to a hopefully a very full week of blogs. Before school started. Jacob, Hannah, and Kaitlyn had swim lessons.  I was amazed that the progress they made in just two weeks. Kaitlyn learned to trust her teachers and […]


My brain just feels like it is overflowing with thoughts, and even though it is late, I know I will sleep much better if I take a moment to get some of it out. First off, school started Wednesday, which thus far has always been an emotional time for me.  Now not only one, but […]