Pumped Jell-O

Climbing has quickly become my favorite activity for a date, whether it is in the gym or in the great outdoors, I LOVE it! After a “really good climb” {aka an incredibly hard climb} Wes will say, “Wow, that was awesome!  My arms are pumped.” Apparently, “pumped” is the the term climbers use for, “The […]

Wild Hare

We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch in search for the perfect pumpkin. The hunt was on…     I adore that little trail of children.  I am especially in love with the fact, that our little mommy is bringing up the rear carrying our screaming squirmy Adelie.  Princess Adelie in her coach.  […]


This soccer season was amazing for Jacob.  He was an entirely different boy on the field.  He was surprisingly competitive, and aggressive.  He would steal the ball, dribble with confidence, and shoot.  Wes and I were in awe with the transformation.  Go Jacob!    Jacob’s cheerleaders Jacob’s good friend made soccer practice and games worth […]

Fall Carnival

Our ward had a fall carnival last week.  I had a blast being super obnoxious with my camera.  However, I didn’t get a single decent picture of my kids since they kept running away from my camera.  Stinkers. Here is a small smattering of the night for those who care, aka Kandy ;). {If you […]

golden larches

I wonder if I will ever get caught up on my blog?  Probably not.  But, that is probably a good thing =). I just never know what to blog. Something from the far past, something from the recent past, or something from the future =).  And if I spend too much time debating over it, […]

gak for dinner…

Last week I was excited to make a beautiful homecoming roast beef dinner with potatoes, and veggies for Wes. I was in a hurry and added too much liquid in the potatoes.  It was like soup.  Seriously you would have to eat them out of a bowl with a spoon or drink it.  ewww…gross!  Just […]

So, did you ever wonder…

why there was a sudden flurry of blogs?  Probably not, but I’ll tell you =). Wes was gone the entire week of September 26th to October 3rd.  That was a long week.  Not because my children were horrible.  Actually, quite the opposite, they were lovely.  They knew I needed that. It was long because I […]

sunshiny hugs

I am in love with her hair. Those soft auburn curls are to die for!  I just love those little arms and legs, so soft and pudgy. Oh, and look at those soft brown eyes, they melt my heart.  I love the gap in her teeth. I adore her little voice that most commonly states […]