Pumped Jell-O


Climbing has quickly become my favorite activity for a date, whether it is in the gym or in the great outdoors, I LOVE it!

After a “really good climb” {aka an incredibly hard climb} Wes will say, “Wow, that was awesome!  My arms are pumped.” Apparently, “pumped” is the the term climbers use for, “The weakening state of a climber who loses strength because of difficult and strenuous moves, usually on an overhanging route.”

After one such climb at the gym my arms were PUMPED! Wes lowered me down until I laid flat on the ground.  I laid there like a plate of jell-O and felt I may never rise again. After my body lost most of that jell-O/pumped feeling and I was ready to climb. 

Crazy fun times!




Wes made us gloves.  They make crack climbing significantly more enjoyable and less bloody. =) 



A good day of climbing always deserves a stop at The Greasy Spoon before heading home. Hamburger, fries, and milkshakes mmmmm….


9 thoughts on “Pumped Jell-O

  1. Looks like fun…for someone besides me!! You are serously so tough and cool! I have done climbing in a rock gym and found it pretty enjoyable but I have never done it in the great outdoors – I think it looks pretty intense – cool pictures!

  2. So fun!!! I miss climbing with Josh. I haven’t climbed with Josh since soon after we had Jonathan (5 years ago). It’s hard to find places here to climb since there’s no mountains! :( Camping here is a joke too (anything an hour to an hour and a half from home-we haven’t tried further yet). For scouts last winter, they actually drove 15-20 minutes CLOSER to Chicago. ??? The state forest park was literally a few miles off the major toll-way, and they could hear traffic throughout the night. Josh and the other scout leader even drove 5 minutes to the nearest gas station to buy firewood (you can’t collect wood at the state parks). Not our ideal of a camping experience coming from the southwest!

  3. Looks like you’re about to lasso a steer in that second picture :) What a nice wife you are to learn to love to do what he loves.

  4. wow…. so i think i would be more of the jell-o part than the pumped. But it is good for you to love to do what your spouse likes… now if you could just rub a little of that onto your cousin – that’d be awesome :D

  5. EXCELLENT fun! I used to do that when we lived in Utah and one of our neighbors was big into that. I was in Junior High mind you and had lots of time…how wonderful! :) Thanks for stopping by my lame blog. Glad you did. Ever since I went private those parts have been pretty sparse. :( I think it motivated me when I knew people read! :)

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