The Boys’ Trip

The view from our second campsite Jacob and I desperately needed to share an adventure together.  The last major adventure was a ski trip during the previous winter.  Way too long ago.  It was definitely time to get out. On September 9th, after ounce counting, packing and repacking our bags, and selecting an assortment of […]


We have had a stunning fall this year in the NW.   I love the colors and all the wonderful smells that come with it.  Surprisingly, I have even enjoyed our short and cloudy days {thank you vitamin D.  You make me happy. =)}.  It slows down life and brings a spirit of peace.  I love […]

Happy Birthday!

To my hunky man!!! He seriously is the greatest guy!  We love him so much. The day before his birthday we took the family climbing.  I had arranged with a friend to leave Adelie at her home for the afternoon.  And for some incredibly odd reason, we decided we would miss her and that it […]


Take two.  Maybe I can write it really fast.  [wincing a painful almost teary smile] Warning this is an extremely random post. Last night Wes prayed, “Please bless the children to be kind to one another and bless us to be kind to the children.”  AMEN! Jacob came home from school recounting all the kids […]