chilly croquet

On one of the coldest days in November we enjoyed a chilly yet gorgeously sunny game of croquet.  We all had a fabulous time.  Addie however, hated almost every minute of it.  Poor girl was desperately missing her bed. But it was sunny and we HAD to be outside to receive some much needed UV […]


Before we left for Arizona it snowed.  The kids were bouncing off the walls with eager anticipation. That night we had a family snow ball fight.  It was Jacob, Hannah, and I versus Wes and Kaitlyn.  We pretty much rocked his world ;).  Yeah right.  But I did fight back with much strength after receiving […]

Adelie is…

Quite. Easy going. Silly.  She likes to make people laugh.  Wes had a bowl.  When Adelie got her little hands on it, it promptly became a hat. Extremely girly.  She adorns herself with headbands, necklaces, bracelets, and skirts, which she slides on over her pants all by herself.  She loves shoes.  The moment she sees […]

happy birdies

One glorious sunny day in November we sat by a pond. Sometimes we fed the ducks, and sometimes we fed ourselves. We rode a mommy propelled merry go round.  Some were more pleased with the speed than others. We went to lunch with Daddy.  He has been begging Mommy to go to lunch with him […]

You are NOT fancy.

One night before bed Kaitlyn waddled toward me and proudly announced, “I SO LUCKY!” Why was she so lucky?… Because she fit into Adelie’s pajamas.  Yes, it is true she has not given up her passion for extremely fitted footie pajamas. Don’t worry she is getting some footie pajamas for Christmas.  When she wears her […]