winter blues

I’ve been feeling it, those stinky winter blues.  But they are behind me now =D.  Waking up at 5:10 most mornings to work out at the gym with my wonderful friend Rebecca {she is amazing!} has helped immensely.  We have awesome workouts, and fabulous discussions.  I haven’t been this regular at working out in years.  […]

Terrific Two

My pretty little Adelie turned two this month.  She is a joy and delight. That day we enjoyed a sunny trip to the park with friends. In the evening we celebrated with a butterfly cake and presents.    She loves her tea set from Grandma and Grandpa Dyer.  Thank you!  Hannah and Kaitlyn busily made […]

It’s always fun…

when Grandparents come.  Before Jacob’s baptism we enjoyed a beautiful SUNNY walk to the park. The boys had a great time playing foot ball. These pictures just make me smile.  I love the expressions on their faces.  I am so lucky to have these men and boy in my life!     Jacob’s baptism and my […]


January 22nd We were extremely blessed to have both grandparents here for Jacob’s baptism.  That day there were three other children being baptized.  The music talks and prayers brought a sweet spirit into the room.  It was nice to not feel concerned about all the nitty-gritty details, but focus on Jacob and the importance of […]

The Red Rose

Today is our 9th anniversary =). I am incredibly blessed to have an amazing husband by my side for eternity!  He works hard to provide a wonderful life for our family.  He is careful to dedicate time to the kids and me. Sometimes, okay maybe often times, I take Wes for granted.  I forget to […]