I taught the combined lesson in young women’s on Easter Sunday. I am thankful for the opportunity. Every time I thought of Easter’s soon arrival I thought of my lesson, I thought of Christ. Thoughts of getting new Easter clothes, candy, and baskets were far from my mind. I pondered what Christ meant to me. […]

Pretty please, with a cherry on top.

Good morning, Friday!  Can we be friends?  Pretty please!  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday weren’t especially kind.  I spent much of those days fevering with my back glued to the couch or my bed.  Wednesday, I tested positive for strep throat. BOO! HOO! HOO! What is wrong with my body!?!  Any ideas on how to strengthen […]

Good Morning!

  Adelie’s amazing bed head! Does any one else feel it a HUGE success when they get all their kids bathed on the same day?  I do.  It is seriously one of the greatest accomplishments of the day, especially if all the girls get their hair done.  Today was one of those extremely rare and […]

On why a mom needs her nose

Good news!  I no longer live by the tissue box.  Yippee!  And I can now smell almost anything if I get close enough =).  A really good thing, since one time at dance poor Adelie wore a poopy diaper for a good long hour.  I was horrified when I made this discovery.  Even I could […]