The Art of Bellowing

We had a fantastic time camping with a few of our friends this weekend at Flowing Lake.  It is a perfect place to camp if you are just looking for the camping experience and only have one night.  It is only 20 minutes from our door step. Our campsite was huge and full of gravel.  […]

a peak around the corner

“Mmmmm….Nummy!”  We are LOVING our new Vitamix.  Yes, I finally decided to keep it, with no regrets =D.  I have made sorbet, smoothies, and horchata.  {If you make the horchata I used brown rice and half the sugar.}  Last night I made a spinach Teriyaki salad and a green smoothie.  We ate an entire bag […]

blue skies =D!

I woke up to a perfectly stunning blue sky and sun streaming into my bedroom.  Glorious!  A blue sky with new spring green leaves is one of my most favorite sights in all the world.  Actually this entire week has been just gorgeous! When you live somewhere where it is mostly sunny do you still […]

play by play

Wes has been out of town all week =(. I have missed him like CRAZY! But, I am really brave now =).  One night I had a nightmare that two men were breaking into our home.  I woke up scared silly, but quickly calmed my fears and instantly fell back asleep.  Yipee!!!  That is a […]


I’m coming back. I am feeling like me again. Slowly, very slowly, but I am feeling good. Really good. Ahh… I have missed myself. Weird to say, but I have. I have had some painful realizations. I have a lot of practicing and growing up to do. It will take time, maybe a lifetime, and […]