Happy Hannah

It is incredible how one little person can change you so dramatically.  My sweet little Hannah has taught me almost from the moment she entered my womb to be humble, to accept and trust my Heavenly Father’s will for me, and a great deal of patience. For those of you who don’t know, my pregnancy […]

This and That

Adelie has already learned the art of laying claim to food. I absolutely love my kids ages.  I wish I could bottle this time up, but I guess that is what I attempt to achieve in some minuscule way by blogging. Every thing Adelie says these days is just precious.  A little friend was over […]

the Pharisee

“Choose you this day whom ye will serve” {Joshua 24:15} Those words were running through my mind as I cleaned.  “Choose you this day.”  This is not a one time decision, it is a daily, hourly, and even a minutely choice. On Sunday in Gospel Doctrine the teacher stated, “The Pharisees did what they were […]

Hello Katie

Kaitlyn celebrated her fourth birthday this week.  I can’t believe she is four!  I beg my kids all the time to please, please, please, stop growing.  They always laugh and say something like, “But we have to, Mom!” The other day Kaitlyn said, “I want to stay this big forever, ‘cause I really like my […]