a picnic

July 2nd A little hike to the top of a hill with a tasty picnic. Wildflowers adorned our trail.  They were admired, photographed, and collected. Memories were made and relationships were strengthened. Advertisements


We returned from a FABULOUS Dyer family reunion, more on that later =). But can I just say, I absolutely love vacations, especially when it includes AMAZING family! {Oh, and no I was not bored on vacation or staying up late posting on my blog =).  I am behind and am still trying to catch […]

I don’t know

  At “Ma and Pa Trek Training” we practiced cooking with a Dutch oven and made dough sticks.  We came home anxious to share and practice our new found skills with the kids.  We had a delicious meal of chili, dough sticks, and peach cobbler.  It was a good thing we practiced the peach cobbler, […]

On being a peacemaker

Today as I watched my children interact I had a sudden realization, “Being a peacemaker is not a passive behavior.  It requires action and work.” There was a great need to discuss the word peacemaker with the kids =D.  We sat down for a morning devotional.  We read Matthew 5:9 I asked them, “What is […]

Dyer Reunion

July 20th through July 25th Shirl orchestrated an incredible Dyer Reunion for over 100 people. Holy camoly!!!! I would not even want to begin that feat. She is outstanding! Thursday Wes, Mark, Cameron and a few other’s climbed Mt. Blanca.  I seriously considered going, but once I heard their report of altitude sickness, heat, and […]

On a Rope

Climbing dates are by far my favorite.  If I had a guess, they would be one of Wes’s too . Way back at the beginning of June we went on a date to Marymoore and climbed the walls with a few of our friends.  We had tons of fun and good laughs. Later that month, […]


Hannah is seriously the sweetest and best big sister ever!  The other day she decided she wanted to buy each of her siblings a candy with her own money.  Hannah you are AMAZING! Thank you for making our home bright. I love you!

One girl, Two wheels

“Look Mama, I’m fancy!” I love the way little minds work and the funny little things they say.  On the way home from church Kaitlyn questioned, “What did you said?” =)  Earlier in the week she was up in her room and all the other kids were outside below her window she repeatedly announced, “I […]

I saw the SUN!

{ah, the memories… LOL! I just found the lyrics, in all these years I thought she saw the sun. =D} Despite the gloomy weather forecast we decided to pack up and head for the hills =).  Hey, at least we were out of the house.  Our drive was cloudy and occasionally rainy.  As we crossed […]


The weather has been less than summery.  And I have been grouchy. really grouchy. so, grouchy that I have felt like a horrible rotten no good very bad teenager. A major attitude adjustment was essential, because in our home, unfortunately, the old sang hold’s true,  “If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy.” I made plans. […]