On a Rope

Climbing dates are by far my favorite.  If I had a guess, they would be one of Wes’s too Winking smile.

Way back at the beginning of June we went on a date to Marymoore and climbed the walls with a few of our friends.  We had tons of fun and good laughs.



Later that month, Wes and I went to exit 38 together and did a couple new multi-pitch climbs.  It was awesome, but it still makes me a little nervous.  Especially when Wes expects me to follow him on a 5.9.  Right when I am struggling to solve a huge problem Wes calls down, “How’s it going?”  I give no reply, because to be honest I feel slightly annoyed that it is so ridiculously hard for me and such a breeze for him.  However, when I reach the top I feel accomplished and happy for the climb, the sweat, and the blood.  Yes, my knuckles were a little bloody from jamming cracks.

Thanks for the dates Wes.  You’re INCREDIBLE!  I love you!


3 thoughts on “On a Rope

  1. Amber you are amazing. If anyone knows it is me, how scary this is for you. But you are such a good sport and now you love it. You are my hero.

  2. I forgot about that date night! I like that picture you took of the sunset coming through the crack. I must not have taken very good ones of you guys since none are on here. LOL! Sorry.

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