Crittenden Reunion

August 20th through August 27th we gathered together in the Great North West for a Crittenden family reunion, because lets face it, it is the prettiest place on earth in the summer sun. **This was so incredibly long ago that I am going to swipe and quote my little sister from her blog. Thanks Jewel-kin! […]

Once upon a time…

We were on trek. It was an incredible experience. Ma and Pa Dyer Michael ate a grasshopper, a decision he later regretted. Dakota took great care of our orphaned baby. Sydni, thrilled to be pushing a handcart through an incredible amount of dust =).  I was certain we would get at least one youth from […]

cub scout day camp

It was my first year attending cub scout day camp, and it was a blast! Highlights of the day included: Watching Jacob shoot a BB gun and doing archery.  He did a great job and now is saving his money for an air soft gun. Having one of the boys inform me, “I think I […]


I have really been enjoying taking my kids out on dates.  Saturday I took Jacob to get his hair cut {my idea}, buy school shoes {his idea}, and pick out an ice cream treat of his choice to take home {our idea}.  We had a great time and Jacob was thrilled to finally have new […]

the plunge

To the shock of all, I finally have a facebook page.  I know, I know, I said I would never ever ever.  But I do. First, I had the Young Women President hounding me that I had to have a facebook account to keep in contact with the girls.  Then Sister Cook came and strongly […]


Last weekend we took the kids climbing at Exit 38.  We enjoyed a short hike and spent hours belaying and climbing with the kids. They all did really well and each made huge improvements.  Even baby Adelie climbed.  Poor girl is so light that the rope was pulling her away from the side. I was […]


VICTORY!  They are in bed.  Never mind the fact that Adelie is relentlessly pleading for milk.  They are in bed.  =) Don’t get me wrong, today has been great and I love them dearly, but I am tired and am craving just one hour to myself before my exhausted little head hits the sack. Over […]