Big News!

As I mentioned, Wes quit his perfectly wonderful job at Microsoft two months ago.  Wow! Two months already. Time sure flies when you’re having fun or just insanely busy [forced cheesy smile]. The kids love going to “Dad’s office” to draw on his giant white boards, work on homework with him, or talk about the […]


On August 12th my gorgeous sister-in-law, Lindsay, married Preston. They are an amazing couple and we are thrilled to have Preston in the family!  What a great guy! Isn’t her dress STUNNING!?!  She was absolutely radiant.  Apparently that afternoon she was at Arbys.  What bride is that calm that she is hanging out with family […]


Do you recall those white table clothes that I neglected, and thus had horrible mold stains?  Well, I am thrilled to inform you that my sin was forgiven =).  I made one last effort to search the web for help.  Steaming HOT water + Clorox = perfectly white table clothes.  Yipee! Apparently, my water was […]

A glimpse of September

It was a gorgeous sunny Saturday and we were lucky to have the DuRee’s knocking at our door, asking us to join them on a hike.  We packed our bags and we were off for one of the most glorious days I have ever seen in Washington.   I love that my girls insist on […]

a trip to the park

Back in the middle of October we had a fabulous time at the park. It was slightly nerve racking to watch Adelie decide she can do this all by herself.     We memorized the states from a giant map painted on the concrete, practiced our tightrope walking roping skills, and Kaitlyn showed us her […]


My good friend Kandy has been posting 30 days of thanks leading up to Thanksgiving.  It has caused me to reflect and ponder on my many blessings.   Today, I realized that I am truly thankful for my mistakes, for without them I wouldn’t be who I am. I learn more from my mistakes, than I […]