It’s over =)

Ah….it’s over. [SIGH!] New Beginnings that is,  a special night to celebrate the young women’s achievements and explain the youth program.  I could not be more relieved to check this off my list. I put together my first powerpoint presentation. It was a steep learning curve but with wonderful help, thank you Wes and Chris, […]

My boy is 9!

My sweet boy just turned NINE. We gave him the option of either having a party with friends or going skiing with Wes.  He chose skiing.  Jacob was so excited and he had all the details of what the day would entail clear down to the hot chocolate that they would have in the lodge. […]


I have to admit this Christmas Season has been a little different and there have been plenty of times when my heart has forgotten some of the joy and excitement, which is not at all usual for me.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  You can verify that with my mom, she will tell you that in my […]