Happy 30th to ME!

Hooray!  I’m 30 and almost two months! I was the luckiest girl to have both my parents join me to celebrate the big 3-0.  We had a great time  on Saturday rock climbing and eating out at my favorite Indian restaurant, Pabla’s. We had a lot of fun climbing and the kids all made huge […]

Stories with Grandpa

We were thrilled to have Grandpa come visit. He came to join Wes and Jacob on their annual snow caving trip that Jacob reported on. We had a wonderful time talking with him, hearing stories of great grandpa Dyer, and gleaning bits of knowledge from his vast wisdom. He has experienced a lot and in […]

doing better…

Ah…I am doing much better. [sigh] However, if you had asked me a few days ago, you would have heard a completely psychotic lady ranting about how she feels like a complete failure as a mother, unable to accomplish anything outside of normal routine, sick and tired of rainy, cloudy, cold days and just aching […]

A tired monster

Adelie precariously sitting on a stool fell asleep, while watching Jacob play on the computer. Gotta love her wild hair and crusty macaroni and cheese sauce face. =) One morning while making breakfast. Kaitlyn: Mom! [wide eyed] I had a scary dream last night. Me: What happened. Kaitlyn: I dreamed that a monster was in […]

TRON races

Jacob had his second pinewood derby and did really well.  Along the way he learned a few lessons about the importance of painting early and carefully keeping track of all the car parts. There were a few tears and a lot of stress moments before we left, but in the end the night was a […]

Hearts and such

Valentines was day full of love and entirely too much sugar. The kids were ecstatic to finally open their valentine boxes. Throughout the month they had worked on sweet little valentines for everyone. Jacob made Tron cards for everyone and taped a lifesaver on the back saying “Here is your disc.” Wes gave each of […]