Wes has been gone to North Carolina to work with Chris for eight days! All we have left now is another 23 hours. We miss him desperately. When the kids talked to him all Kaitlyn could say was, “Dad, I want you to come home.” Hannah, “Yeah, come home in one hour.” Addie, “When are […]

It’s a GIRL!!!!

Ah…pregnancy. Such a wonderfully nutty time in life. I swear, when I am pregnant I have a slight bipolar disorder or something =). One day I am bubbling over with excitement about outfits, maternity clothes, bows, dresses, and names. My mind is whirling with excitement, “What will she look like?” “What color will her hair […]

A typical month

Playing dress up with Kaleb The cutest little friendship has developed over the years between these two. They have been friends since Kaitlyn was born and Kaleb is more than a sport about occasionally playing her games. =) School choir concerts Hannah and her friends, Kia, Sophia, and Maddie after their school choir concert. Hannah […]

Ecstatic to welcome Baby #5

Before I even had an inkling of the arrival of this little one, Adelie and Kaitlyn positively informed me that there is a “baby in your tummy.” Adelie: I just want a baby sister. Me: What will you do with her? Adelie: Tickle her. My sweet little blob at 12 weeks One day Adelie was […]

New Year Resolutions

I know, I know it is April…what can I say…hmmm…not a lot, except that I feel far more motivated in the spring. =) My goal is to complete the personal progress program this year, because I am a leader in Young Women’s, and the President wants me to, and I felt more than obligated since […]

Seeded Whole Wheat Bread

I wanted to start sharing some of my favorite foods.  Mostly so I can really create my last cookbook on No guarantees of my frequency, but it is a start =). This bread is packed with nutrients, and remains perfectly soft and moist. My family loves it! Well, except for Hannah =). Seeded Whole […]

tickled tongue and delighted senses

I was extremely excited to celebrate our ten year anniversary.  I started planning months in advance and really wanted to surprise Wes with a trip. Through our marriage Wes has usually been the one to plan our dates, or trips, and has even taken me on a surprise vacation. When my mom was here I […]